Markets Served

For nearly six decades, Kamprath Seed has cultivated relationships with customers in a wide range of markets. Since 1964 we have been fulfilling large-scale wholesale and custom mixed cover crop projects across the Central Valley. Throughout our history, Kamprath has been dedicated to serving distributors, NGOs, agriculture retailers, and government organizations.


Kamprath Seed is the supplier of choice for many seed distributors in the Central Valley and beyond. We have distribution partners all across the United States who keep our seed in stock. Also, we routinely works with distributors on an as needed basis, helping them fill orders with our high quality seed. 

Agriculture Retailers

Kamprath Seed has the storage facilities, logistics, and inventory to be the go-to supplier for many of the agriculture retailers in the western U.S. Our excellence in wholesale seed distribution has allowed us to provide a top-tier customer experience to all our agriculture supplier partners. 

Government Agencies

Our team has the knowledge to design custom mixes of grasses, legumes, and wildflowers that comply with all requirements for federal and state jobs. We have been collaborating with many agencies sine the 1960’s. We will work with you to determine best seeding methods, planting time, and mixes for your project, no matter the size. 


Cover crop seed contributes to a healthy landscape, contributing to stable eco systems, erosion control, and biodiversity. Many NGOs turn to Kamprath Seed as their source of advise and high-quality seed. We stock seed that qualifies for many state and federal government programs and grants.