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Our Vision

Kamprath Seeds, Inc specializes in custom cover crop, irrigated pasture, dryland pasture and hay mixes. We pride ourselves in providing our dealers with the newest and highest quality varieties to help ensure the end user is obtaining the best product possible. We also carry a full line of organic grains, grasses, and legumes, as well as native grasses and flowers.

About Us

Agricultural focus: 

Kamprath Seeds, Inc. is a leading west coast wholesale distributor of irrigated and dryland pasture, forage, and cover crop seeds. Our product lines have expanded to include pollinators mixes, organic seeds, and native species for restoration and erosion control.  Kamprath has addressed the changes that have occurred in production agriculture by continuing to introduce new varieties and mixes to meet the changing demands from our customers.


Industry leadership: 

We take great pride in placing our customers first, by providing them with superior seed, made into custom cover crop and forage mixes.  Our continued success can be attributed to the seed we source to be the finest quality available. We have access to 800 individual species and unlimited custom mixes.  Kamprath Seed’s sales manager and senior agronomist have 60 years of experience in the seed industry.  Their combined years of experience provides a wealth of knowledge to handle customer’s needs and answer their questions


International and Domestic seed sources: 

Kamprath Seed, Inc. sources seed on a global basis. We have extensive ties to the major seed producers in Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. We have seed suppliers across North America to supply us with the highest quality seed for our customers. The North America seed market is the largest seed supplier in the world.  


Organic certification: 

Kamprath Seeds, Inc. is certified by Oregon Tilth Organic Certification (OTOC), as an organic seed processor.  Our goal is to provide certified organic seed of the highest quality, to support the commitment of our organic customers.



Erosion control products: 

Kamprath Seeds, Inc. joined the S & S Seeds partnership of companies in 2002. For the past 15 years, Kamprath has promoted new erosion control methods in California’s Central Valley, using native seeds to address environmental concerns.

Our History

In 1964, Ramsey Seed Company in Manteca California was founded by Bill Ramsey.  The Ramsey Seed Company was family owned and operated specializing in corn and alfalfa seed sales with an emphasis on pasture and cover crop mixes.  In 1985 the name was changed to Kamprath Seed Company.  The present owner, seed visionary Victor Schaff, purchased Kamprath Seed in 2002.  After over 50 years in the wholesale seed business Kamprath Seed, Inc. is a nationwide industry distributor of quality seed of cover crops, forages, pollinators, organics, and erosion mixes.

We have established a strong network of dealers in the Western United States to allow easy delivery and affordable access to our high-quality seed and cover crop mixes.  Our staff has over 60 years of seed industry experience to answer your questions and address any concerns.  Our goal is to assist our customers with in-field knowledge to assist with planting decisions. 

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