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Wholesale Seed Company


Welcome to Kamprath Seeds, Inc., and thank you for your interest in our company, products, and experience we offer. Kamprath Seeds is a wholesale seed company located in Manteca, California. Inside our website, you will find a complete listing of the products that we carry, industry events, and growing recommendations to maximize your bottom line.


For the past 45 years, our warehouse and blending facilities have been centrally located in the Central Valley of California. We are a dominant wholesale distributor of cover crop mixes, irrigated and dryland pasture mixes, and forage blends in California.


Our continued commitment is to serve our customers with the best quality seed and mixes available, at competitive prices. We continue to improve our product line by testing the newest varieties, and provide the best cultural practices,  with excellent results. Our goal is to provide the best quality seed, with dependable information about our services and products.   

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